Friday, 22 August 2014

Popper's Picnic

August 17, 2014 : We witnessed something fresh and raw. A much needed event/get together/jam. Whatever you may call it.

You may also call it. Popper's Picnic.

No bucks involved, no profiting, just fun, music and dance.

With some of the finest street dancers from the city gathered, and the dropping beats from DJ. Valley In The Alley, the event was full of some great vibe.

Indeed the Kolkata Popping scene, rather the whole street dance scene keeps on growing and emerging.

A much needed event as mentioned, the idea that emerged from Valentine Gomes our DJ, took fruit with the help from several other notable figures amongst the Kolkata Street Dance scene, namely, Harshvardhan Bhan, Siddharth Basu Roy, Deepayan Purkait, Rahul Roychowdhury, Dimitri Deb Das, Richard Wong, Roshan Banerjee.
To put it in simple words, a warm gathering of some fine dancers, lots of crazy beats and Red Bulls to chill with, is what the event was all about.

It was just a picnic!!

Check out the official video of Popper’s Picnic:

Submitted by-Deepayan Purkait

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