Thursday, 21 August 2014

Book Review- Shanghai

Book Review: Shanghai by David Rotenberg

We’ve all read short books which seem to go on forever, but Shanghai is different in the sense that it’s a long (very long) book, that’s so quick paced and nail-biting that you finish the 783  pages before realizing that you’ve read them. A constitutional compilation of three books by  the renowned David Rotenberg, the book focuses upon and discusses the events which define  modern China, the main backdrop being the ‘city at the bend of the river’ Shanghai. 

783 pages of pure thrill define the development of the ‘age of seventy pagodas’ through a maze of love, betrayal, deception and excellent pre-planning. The author has been considerate enough to intermingle real incidents along with the unreal ones, and he has been beautifully waving the readers throughout the length of the book, slowly changing the character in lead. Complete with even the miniscule details, the book also has true verbals of mandarin, shanghainese, Cantonese and a lot of other Chinese languages. For the lovers of thrillers, this book is a must read!

- Sayantan Datta

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