About us

The story of QUIP began on a fine summer day when two people were just randomly talking on hike.

Their purpose of talking?

Their purpose was to gain more free messages. Just speaking anything and sending stickers to each other to JUST gain messages.

It was during this conversation, that they came up with an idea of forming a magazine. An online magazine that would uphold the true spirit of the modern day urban youth, which would give a platform to people having the skill and the desire to write.

The said magazine would target the youth and would cover all the spheres from lifestyle to wildlife photography to fashion and a lot in between.

This having been decided, they contacted another person, a person very close to them who they persuaded to be their creative consultant.

Many a phone calls, coke cans and random meetings later, QUIP was formed.

A magazine that represents the youth and the intelligence of the urban generation with a really quirky nature.

Welcome to the magazine that dares to dream.

Welcome to QUIP. Quirky, it is!


Sonket Mukherjee: Founder and Editor

Julia Banerjee: Co-founder and Co-Editor

Himadri Mandal: Creative and Designing head