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If you write well, you can send in your articles at with your personal details clearly mentioned.

Please Note: No part of the article should be copied from any type of already published work on some other platform by someone else. The article should be ORIGINAL, and the sender should own the copyright to that.

The articles can be on anything, JUST ANYTHING. Our magazine covers every thing from Bollywood Gossip to Serious debatable topics. You can send in ANYTHING, but as our name says, the writing should be witty enough to please our targeted audience, i.e. youth.

Mentioning the email id again: 

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We are open to all types of constructive criticism. Feel free to suggest us on anything you think can be improved. All our posts have a comments section, You may comment on those to let us know about your views. 

Your feedback means a lot!

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Your feedback means a lot!