Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A White Light In This Dark Grey World

A White Light In This Dark Grey World

-Shreshtha Chakraborty

We are from different worlds, in a different place.
Yet, it's surreal how we merge in a way.
In this grey fairytale of mine, I am your queen.
Together, we rule, much to our suitors' chagrin.
You are my dark armour-clad knight, on a mystical white horse,
And I would be the damsel in distress, s'il te plait.
The moonlight frames your silhouette in monochrome,
Shaping a gilded perfect profile of a sculpture, that is mine to own.  

The world swoons and gapes, as we stand
As one, in each other's gaze,
Under the grey sky, in a world filled with hate.
We will brew a love, together, which will be more potent.
Together, we will build our fort, embellished with endearments,
and dance to the rhythm of our love, till the music wanes.

Let's fill every chalice in our land with the essence of our love,
And let it cleanse their dark souls, with the purity of our hearts.
For, in our world, we will let no dusk,
no darkness to adorn the Sun.
Together, with our strength, the broken we will mend.
Together, with our strength, we will achieve what no one else can.

But when the essence runs out, and our hearts spill tar,
when our strength ebbs out, and chalices run blank.
We will lay our sunken hearts and fractured souls,
at the feet of Satan, claiming our burning hole.
For once, for the last time, we will bask in our flickering amber,
seeking and offering solace in each other's arms.

The clear azure sky illuminates the path,
while the primroses lead the world.
We are buried together, amidst the heart of our sons.
A white light in this dark grey world,
is what we have achieved with our eternal love.

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