Thursday, 5 June 2014

Interview: RJ Sayani

1) We all are fond of listening to the radio, what makes it so special are you people, the Radio Jockeys. So what made you choose this as your profession?

I honestly never thought of taking up radio jockeying as a career. Even though I did study journalism and films in college and wanted to be a part of the social media. But Radio Mirchi happened to me at a time when I was willing to experiment. Thank God back then I took the right decision, because honestly I love and enjoy doing my job.

 2) What was the 1st day like as an RJ, when you knew that you were alone at the studio but almost the entire city was listening to you?

I do a dual jock show which is 5 hours long that too in the evening when the listenership is really high. So, on my first day I was definitely very nervous and tensed. I remember not having a morsel of food the entire day. When the show started everything went smoothly but after like 2 hours I met with an accident in my studio. My co jock Deep ended up pulling the door of my studio not noticing my left foot being in the way. So on the first day of my show my left foot was bleeding and I had to be taken to the hospital for stitches immediately. I am extremely scared of needles, injections and doctors but honestly because I was so excited for my show and wanted to get back to my studio, I did not feel any pain while those 5 stitches were done to my foot. I know this sounds filmy, but yes I did get back to my studio and finished my show with that cursed foot.

3) During your show, you have to attend a number of calls or have to answer to a few messages or mails. So did you ever had any funny incident related to this which you would like to share?

Oh yes many. But there was this one time when a listener called and without saying hello or hi, he just told me that he wanted to marry me. I did not pay much heed and he ended up finding my page on Facebook, after which he kept on proposing for marriage.

4) As an RJ, you are always required to be happy & cheerful? How do you manage to be enthusiastic all day long?

It is true, when I am doing my show I cannot sound sad or lethargic. I am generally a cheerful hyper person so it does not become a task for me. But at times news from family or friends do disturb me. In these times I try to be as cheerful as possible.

5) Any tip for the aspiring Radio Jockeys.

Primarily I think it is very important that one needs to know his/her city, culture and current affairs very well. Also, one needs to have his/her own opinion and never try to copy or be like someone else. A distinct personality who can connect with listeners who belong to all strata’s of the society.

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