Thursday, 12 June 2014

In Conversation with Gaurav Dashputra

In Conversation with Gaurav Dashputra

  • How was the journey from being a doctor to an aspiring author?

  • It was very smooth. It was never an either or scenario for me. I had a creative side of me that wanted to tell stories and I wanted to fulfill that calling. So, that is how the first book came into being because finally I had got a story that I really want to tell.

  • Who was your inspiration?
  • There is so one person who inspires me. Actually situations inspire me more than people. Those unnatural, sometimes hostile situations fuel my creativity and that is how a story is formed. But still if there is one person who I look upto then I must say it is Shahrukh Khan not just because he is an actor but because of what he has achieved in life

  • What kind of responses did you receive from your first book "AND THEN IT RAINED"?
  • Well, the response has been mainly positive and most of the people who have read the book have loved it. There have been a few detractors but then that is the case with almost everything. You cant please everyone and I am okay with that.

  • How did you come up with the name of the book? Its catchy.
  • Actually the title of the book came to be even before the story.The first thing I picturised was the end of the book or the Prologue like it is in the book and that is how I came up with the title.

  • As a child, what were your dreams?
  • Well I was actually a very confused child. I never had a fixed ambition in life. It would change everyday. But as i started growing up i realised that all i wanted was to be know by people and loved by them. I did not know how i was gonna do that but ya that was the aim.

  • What would be your suggestion to those who dream to be an author?
  • I would like to tell them that write because you have a story to tell and not to tell a story because you thinking writing is cool. If the story is what drives you into writing then eventually you will find your way.

  • Among all your contemporaries,whom do u find the best?
  • Actually I read a lot of foreign authors and not much of Indian Fiction but even though he is not my contemporary and is a few years senior to me I find the work of Novoneel Chakraborty most interesting.

  • Are we getting to read your new book soon?
  • Yes! my second book is finished and it is scheduled to release on July 1st 2014

  • Your message for the readers.
  • Well, Thank you for all the love and support that you have bestowed upon me and I hope you continue to do so as I will try my best to keep you guys entertained. 



-Your hobbies?
Swimming, Football, Movies and Video Games

-Favourite book?
The Bourne Series

-Favourite cuisine?


  1. Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure giving this interview to you guys. Keep growing from strength to strength

  2. The pleasure was all ours Sir. :)


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