Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bird Watching

While the summer spree was on with high temperatures, most of us went off to the hills and mountains for a holidays. But other than just going and hanging around, some people click pictures, and by pictures I mean real GOOD pictures. Among those some creative people, Swarnava Nandi is one. Who not only went to Sikkim, but captured the native birds of Sikkim. If anyone is still left to visit, make sure you look out for them.

​1. Blue Fronted Redstart 

2. Yellow Backed Tit 
3. Rufous Sibia 
4. Long Tailed Minivet (Female) 
5. Great Barbet
6. Plumbeous Water Redstart 
7. Tailor Bird 
8. Serpent Eagle 
9. Pied Bushchat (Female)
10. White Cheeked Bulbul  
11. Blue Fronted Redstart (Female) 
12 . Long Tailed Minivet (Male) 
13. Verditer Flycatcher

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