Friday, 30 May 2014

A Voice Against Virtual Harassment

 People think girls are safer at home where they have no physical contact with the outside world. They think that if girls don't come across no one then they will remain secured. That may be true to some extent, if you subscribe to medieval old age mentality, but what about virtual harassment? 

The harassment that takes place in the subtle world of interaction. It directly affects a person’s soul. The wounds are not caused on the body but they leave a deep imprint on the mind. There is actually no line that can be drawn between 'Real' & 'Virtual' when it comes to harassment. Women often ignore harassment on social networking sites, considering them trivial or a mere joke. However, the situation is anything but a joke. In India, 80% of the women who access the social media sites face harassment in different ways. They simply ignore it, but there have been cases where the harasser has stalked down the victim in real life. So if virtual harassment is ignored it can actually become a very dangerous thing later on.
There are some people who chat on Facebook and use filthy language. These people ask a girl to “talk dirty”. They want to get naughty. They ask disgusting questions.
An example of such virtual harassment can be given by an incident on Facebook that has recently occurred. A person started out with cheap flirting and then gradually took it to levels which leads to such a level that the girl feels embarrassed, ashamed and then starts doubting herself for making bad judgments. A girl who doesn't know him could easily block him when he starts crossing lines. But what about those who know him? For example, a subordinate at the work place. Or maybe someone he closely knows or probably someone from school or college. In that case the girl has to just laugh it off and tolerate it because protesting would lead to unpleasant situations. This is not only wrong, but dangerous. Because such people target more than one girl. Many girls have tried to teach him a lesson, they have insulted him, blocked him, but he still doesn't learn. Guys like him need to know that girls are not a mode of entertainment. That girls know how to take their stand. Maybe not spontaneously but later in a bigger way!
All of you who are reading, we request you to share this as much as possible so that people understand the value of a girl’s emotion and dignity. Especially, girls out there, you need to realise that its okay to protest. Remember, your act today can save the future of someone else. You're not alone.


  1. its high time people know. and react. well written.

  2. Every 1 should understand that....we r girls not toys...


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