Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Skadoosh! Bang Bang Bang! Down went the windows! BOOOOM, and a missile blew Uncle John’s car. No it wasn’t a science fiction movie, it was happening for real. With no place to hide and no place to run, petrified and helpless cries of people begging for mercy was aloud in  the 16, Manhattan street,a place usually known for its jostle and extravagant living standards. BANG! DOWN, went something again, I lost the count, I fairly remember fainting as a gas bomb struck our doors like a blizzard.

I woke up to a strange humming sound, one I had never heard before. I couldn’t recall my surroundings, but then slowly the memory crept back into my head. Oh how ghastly that image. I learned from my parents that I had been out for a very long time. My family and with some other civilians were crammed into a fairly large circular hall with no windows and curtseying a dazzling white light that could burn your eyes. Nobody knew where we were, and who we were taken captive for, but the signs of desperation, agony and fear were evident on everyone’s eyes.
Just then a door opened. Never really in my life had I seen such a door, and the person, or should is say the creature who walked in was way out fictious than even Mr. Spielberg. It was scaly, had a short trunk and was over 8-feet tall. With a deep husky voice it started speaking in clear English, ”PEOPLE OF EARTH,THE TIME HAS COME FOR YOU TO PAY FOR YOUR SINS.”
“WHAT SINS? Who are you? And what have we done to you?” – shouted a brave soul.
The thing looked discontented and with a furious glare on its eyes snorted,”After centuries of committing serious injuries and penalties, you have the audacity to ask what sins?”
“Please leave us, please spare my child, what have we done to you people?  “–pleaded a crying mother in desperation of the safety of her child.
“OH NO, NO! We are not going to physically harm you, don’t be worried, we have come to take back and deprive you of the greatest treasure mankind has ever received. It’s not about you, its about your whole race, the human beings have been mercilessly killing animals, cutting down mother earths precious wealth, the trees for the benefit and luxury of your own laziness, we had been quiet for a long time, for years we were deaf to the helpless cries of those innocent trees and animals, but not anymore, human beings we are going to take away all your weath, your trees, the animals ,your water and every other thing mother nature has so selflessly gifted you. Rot ,rot in hell with nothing but all the time in all world to think on your sins.!”

“Forgive us, oh please forgive us!” everyone burst out.
“We did, but you pushed us to the edge of our desperation, we cannot let a stupid race to waste the price-less treasures .Think on your sins people of earth, it’s too late now, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........!”
I woke up just to find my brother hysterically laughing to the rhythms of his favourite cartoon show.
“Get up Pavel, you are going to be late for school, why do u look so pale?” pantlessly breathing and bathed in sweat I hugged my mother.
“What happened honey? Whats the matter?”

“Just had a bad dream mom,don’t worry!”Is it really a bad dream or a premonition to what lies ahead of us!Maybe its not too late yet and by some sincere efforts we might still be able to recover a part of what we destroyed for the last 100s of years. Otherwise...

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