Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Love In Grey World

Love In Grey World
-Shriyank Mulgund

Lets fall in love because there's nothing else to do,
I'm broken on the inside and so are you,
Pick up the pieces and try to be whole again,
Together we might achieve what no one can,
Give me your soul and let me join it with mine,
We'll brew a spirit more potent than any known wine,
And drink it little by little, every day,
In goblets deep, under skies grey,
And dance to the music of our own heartbeat,
Till we collapse, tired, with sore feet,
For, in our world, there shall be no dawn,
No Sunshine, no hypocritical Sun-spawn,
Only Clouds shall rule the Sky, dark and grey,
Darkness will prevail, be it night or day,
And in a black tower, we'll have our black thrones,
Side by side, We'll rule our world,
Eliminate the hypocritical human herd,
And lend the essence of our dark spirit to the clouds above,
And fill our goblets when it rains,
And drink and dance all over again,
And collapse one final time when we're at Forever,
And in the dark dirt of our Grey World,
Be buried under the clouds,

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