Sunday, 14 September 2014




The sudden change of the smell of air, the sudden hustle-bustle, and above all, the sudden restlessness symbolize only one thing. Yes! The ‘Pujo’ isn’t far away.  A few more days, and the longest waiting of the year comes to an end. Sunshines, pandal hopping, getting tired, getting awestruck, all comes our way very soon.

‘Pujo’ isn’t just about worshipping the goddess; It has many layers to it. The sudden excitement, the surge of emotions, all add to its fervor and splendor.  The neighbor you never knew about becomes your constant companion, credits to the Para pujo. The bus rides you were always terrified of, becomes your first choice, credits to the Pandal pujo.  The Pujo is about dynamicity, passion, the hardwork everyone puts in to make the days a success.

As the craftsmens’ hands work their way magically to make every grain of sand a part of the Goddess,  the emotions come up, the energy spent becomes the energy of the Goddess, and this imparts an amazing aura that calls the general ‘Bangali’ to join their hands and put forth all their devotion.

Pujo is about humility, simplicity and equality as well. It is one of those very few occasions when everyone comes down to the same level, and prays to the mighty power with equal devotion. It is one of those very few occasions when all fragmentations are forgotten and unity rules the hearts and minds.

The power of ‘Pujo’ lies in the fact that it leaves a lingering effect. It isn’t temporary, it’s infinitely enormous. The tears that drop down seem to sublime with the waters that happily take in the decorated idol. There is somewhere the midas touch that seems to cheer up the surrounding. All the melancholy loses itself in the only joyous departure in existence.

- Sayantan Datta

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