Monday, 21 July 2014

The Eternal Bliss

The Eternal Bliss

-Natasha Ahmed

A tiny little life fell from the sky today

He was slow, yet he was a ray of hope; a life saviour.
He fell from the sky wet-ting my palm, which for the world was not disallow.
I felt embracing 'em tight to my arms,
Soon he called for his comrades, and formed a large army.
Attacking the city will a fierce storm, they clattered against the roofs of the city.
It rained torrentially, returning Life to the dead trees, the shrinking river, the tired flowers,
And proved to be a Bliss, past the destructive hours.
The relief was still breathtaking,
and the rain thanksgiving.
As the rain was brought down on the parched earth,
I felt an unbearable lightness, and....
The peace
The relief
And an Eternal Bliss....

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  1. One of the finest blogposts I've read today about rain... Keep going!

    Village Girl


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