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The El Classico

The El Classico

Here it is - four years of build-up, one month’s worth of matches and the two last teams standing face off for the biggest prize in world football.Despite a little bip against Algeria,Germany have had been impressive from the day one,o the other had Argentina have been less so,somehow getting their job done,as they stole the match twice,one against Iran and the other against Switzerland where they scored in the penultimate minutes of the game.However This Final match tastes as delicious as its sound.Germany vs Argentina ,yet again,this is the third time the two nations meet at a world cup final making it a record of the most no of world cup meetings in the finals of the world cup.The Mexican world cup of 1986 saw these two heavyweights fighting each other in a glorious match ,which Diego Maradona's Argentina won 3-2.The 1990 Italian world cup saw these two sides making the finals yet again where Germany took their revenge and brought home their third world cup with a 1-0 clean-slate. Arguably.Arguably the most hyped matches of all times,Germany vs Argentina.Germany had been a regular visitors to the semi-finals and are the most consistent side of this era.But the Argentinians however crept back into the last stages after 24 long years.Will the ‘chokers’ finally put an end to their disastrous Adjective or shall we spectate yet another stylish triumph of the North American side,well we are going to find out in a few hours .Here are some of the important facts one should be aware of before the grand finale.
-Out of the nineteen world cups held so far,the Europeans led by 10-9 to the south Americans.The last two being won by the European nations Italy and Spain. Till.Till date,no continent has ever taken a 2 lead toll over the opponents.So we might as well say,history may repeat itself or shall the testament prevail yet again.Times the enemy.
The last world cup meeting ended disastrously for the south American side,where Diego Maradona's Argentina lost 4-0 to the Germans but their last meeting however saw the Argentinians emerge victorious with a 3-1 clean sweep in July,2012.Truly there isn’t any safe bet.

The Game changers –

Kroos vs Mascherano. The ex Argentinian skipper showed his sheer class with a brilliant tackle on arjen robben in the penalty box that saved their world cup existence.He has been the most important game maker from the midfield for Argentina.His new challenge is to contain against a team with whom their country have had a very poor record.record. Kroos has given us the glimpse of the old german legend,Michael ballack.A very promising player,has got speed,technique,a powerful shooter and knows how to control the game.It is at his expense that Mesut ozil has bee utilised in the left wing by Joachim lowe.The orchestra of the german attack.he is indeed going to b a key man for the germans to gain their fourth world cup.
Rozo vs Muller :- Thomas muller has scored five world cup goals already and is just one behind james Rodriguez to claim the Golden ball at this years world cup.Whatever he lacks in skill and pace ,he makes up with his bulls eye for fantastic positioning ,he knows where to be and when to be to make it up to the goal.The last two world cups witnessed Thomas muller scoring 10goals already and he is indeed doing justice to his legendary surname.Marcus Rozo has been an exceptional defender for the South Americans,Skillful overlapping,wonderful tackling,he hasn’t lacked in any of the desired aspects of a good defender,Word goes around that he is already being pursued by European heavyweights such as Chelsea and Manchester united.He has to perform well to stop Thomas muller scoring his sixth goal in the World cup final.

Lionel messi vs Mats hummels and Jerome boateng – Its foolish enough to depend on just a person to stop the best player of all times.He answered his critics who criticized his lack of performances in the national colours in this 2014 fifa world cup.scoring four times already and providing a crucial assist to di  maria in the round of sixteen.Statistically messi has created nineteen chances to the goal so far in each game in argentinas run for the world cup.The successor to the legendary maradona has had all the desired cups in his belt but the world cup,He would definitely give his cent percentage to remind the world (as if we need a reminder) of his excellence.The Mats hummels and Jerome boateng pair has been indeed extraordinary,anything in and around the six yard has been effectively dealt with by the two defenders.They already contained cristiano ronaldos Portugal,a brilliant Algerian side,the favourites brazil and the promising French national team.Messi might just as well be dealt .

SO ,gear up people ,get ready to watch "The greatest show on the earth"'s ultimate match today. One thing is for sure,the match would be worth the watch.Quip’s predictions go for the Argentenians.

- Anubhav Chakraborty

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