Thursday, 24 July 2014

QUIP: Yarns #1

They looked at each other trying to recall their love story that abruptly ended twenty nine years ago. And while they did so, he carefully studied the wrinkles beside her eyes and she noticed his greyish salt pepper hair.

They had been separated by the war that had broken out.

The war lasted fifteen years.

Lives changed. Time ticked.

"So, you didn't find someone else?" She asked.

He said, "Dated a few but settled with none."

Then he asked, "And you? I heard quite a few stories about you. You beautiful women always get attention of men."

She took her hand out of her coat pocket, lifted up her palm and replied, "You recognise this ring? 

I've had just one story for a year less than three decades... that is married to you!"

By Aryani Banerjee. Author of the Book Little Longer Than Forever.


  1. The books seems interesting, is it available on the stands?

    1. Hi.
      Firstly thank u.
      Secondly u would get the book in
      Oxford bookstore park street
      Store bookworm (little russell street, wood street , new alipore, burdwan arcade mall)
      Starmark south city (from sept.)
      Patra Bharati bookstore (college row, college street crossing)

      Order online

      Happy reading!

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