Monday, 7 July 2014

Brat Dawgz

Brat Dawgz                                                     

Akshit Dodia 
Manish Chettri
Arijit Das
Noel Murmu

Brat Dawgz is a new ‘breaking’ crew in Kolkata. Manish and Akshit both were solo dancers and they decided to start a new breaking crew in Calcutta because the scene here is pretty much nascent. So, on 1st May, we started this out. Brat Dawgz as in ‘Brats’, we all are brats here, and ‘Dawgz’, it kind of symbolizes hip-hop. They all work out together to do all their music to choreography. 4 people in the crew, 4 different religions, almost from 4 corners of the city, these people came together through their dance acquaintances and competitions. They call themselves a family, with 4 different esp. They are confident to go high and stand out among other crews because they practice everyday. 

-Sonket Mukherjee

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