Monday, 30 June 2014

Solved: What came first, ‘The chicken’ or ‘The egg’?

The very common question, what came first, ‘the chicken’ or ‘the egg’?

Well we are in the 21st century but still couldn't unearth the answer properly!
The question can be explained from different prospects and again can be contradicted by another theory. So a perfect answer couldn't be still sketched out.

If we take the question literally i.e. ‘chicken’ or ‘egg’, the answer would be very simple. Egg laying animals existed much before the chicken so it is the egg who came first whosoever it may belong to.
So the question would be better termed if we say “Which came first ‘The Chicken’ or ‘The Chicken Egg’?”

The question framed such brings back again to the same question, “Who came first”, as if a chicken came first, where did that come from? It might have taken birth from another egg, so, where did the egg come from? Presumably from another chicken.

So at the end the question remains unanswered again.

By research we know that the proteinaceous substance which forms the egg is only produced in the chicken’s ovary and is not found elsewhere in nature. So technically without a chicken a chicken egg wouldn't have formed. So we can come to a conclusion that the chicken came first.

But from where did that chicken come from?

Yet another story!

In the process of evolution, Genetic information from both the parent come together to give rise to the new individual but it doesn't get copied accurately. The genetic information gets mutated and new information can get devised on to it and old information may get rejected. These mutations are actually responsible to give rise to new species.

For better understanding let us take an imaginary species called pre-chicken which is much similar to the chicken but not exactly the chicken. So in the process of reproduction these two pre-chicken mated to produce its species but due to mutation and various natural processes like natural selection a slightly different species came to being and with these mutations going on over time gave rise to what we call the ‘chicken’.

What the timeline comes now?

An egglaying species with hundreds of speciation gave rise to a pre-chicken stage and that gave rise to a chicken. In that case the chicken came first.
Or is it that, the pre chicken gave a chicken egg and that gave rise to a chicken. It that case the egg came first.
This brings us back to the same question ‘what is a chicken egg?’ which after this discussion becomes fairly meaningless.
But at the end on what we all can agree is that the first true chicken came from an egg.

Bang! We have an answer!

The EGG came first!


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