Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Teenage: Confused!

Teenage: Confused!

We are teenagers and we haven’t grown older in just one night. We all felt some change in us and that was when we knew, we are approaching adulthood. Changes as in? 

What I realised was Toy Story 2 was not so cool. Pikachu was too cute and kind of mushy! The Mickey Mouse mug got replaced by a Metal Head imprint mug. The night dress with bunny print was way too funny. Birthday parties and cake cutting with friends are fun without the pink balloons around. And last on the list but of the utmost importance- Books are boring and Facebook is the best book but not on the shelf. Friends, hangouts, dates, phone, Whatsapp, laptop, Facebook, music that’s all I live for and will live with. I decide what is cool for me. I have started understanding what is bad and good. I’ll be a fully developed adult in a few years. But when will my parents realize that? How long will they accompany me to my college?  When will dad stop changing the channel during a simple Lovey-dovey scene? And some other people too need a revolutionary change regarding the mindset they hold for me. My relatives, they too don’t seem to understand that I am no more a 10year old kid. When will Sheela aunty stop pulling my cheeks? When will Chandu uncle stop bringing candy floss on my birthday? When will Nani stop knitting sweaters for me every winter?

They expect us to act like ‘Grown-ups’, but then again they keeping doing childish things for us! For instance, when I fight with my brother to get the bigger slice of the cake, they say that I am not a kid anymore.  They ask me to compromise when I want the window seat in the car. Again, when I try to give advice on some matter, you say I am a kid. Now dear elders, maybe it’s time you decided if I am a child or an adult.

Confusion at this age doesn’t stop here. I have a BIG question. What is LOVE? This question battles with our thoughts every moment. Ask your elders, they say it’s just an infatuation at this age. Don’t ask your friends, they themselves are confused. We fight an unknown battle within ourselves. What is it?  Is it just talking extra sweet to someone, whom are we actually attracted to or that cute and attractive neighbor? Or that stylish lecturer? That over-friendly tuition friend? Thoughts bombard us with rhetorical questions. But later we meet someone who flatters and flirts. We exchange numbers. Chat till late night. Finally we meet up and go on a date. The next day we change our relationship status to “In a relationship” or “In a complicated relationship”. Yes, being in a relationship is also complicated because we are confused about the term “Love”. At this age, we surely don’t know whom we actually love.
Complexities are confusion’s best friend. We go through complexities regarding our figure, colour, height, looks etc. A pimple appears on our nose and peers call us “Pimply”. We gain weight they call us “Pumpkin”, “Fatso” etc. We lose weight, they give us names like “Lizard”, “Lady’s finger” etc. If too short then “half Battery” and if tall then “Lamp post”. What shall we do now?

Complexities don’t stop here. Like the richest guy in the college, who flaunts his Dad’s money and treats almost everyone in the canteen, or that shopaholic girl who changes her dress daily and calls herself a ‘fashionista’. Now why do people compare us with them too? Aren’t they completely different personalities than me? Then why the comparisons between two completely different personalities? Why will I copy someone? Why will I be like someone else? I have an individuality! Well, complexities haunt us again.
Confusion, anxiety, complexities lead us to frustration and depression. What are we suppose to do as growing teenagers? Do we act as kids or do we behave maturely? And when we do why do people call it over-smartness? We enclose ourselves in our rooms they suspect and if we go out they suspect then too. Yes we do enjoy our lives but among all these troubles. But at the end of our teenage, all those Pimples, Lamp posts, Batteries, lizards, pumpkins have to grow old to take up some serious responsibilities. People say this phase of life is very important when we decide our future but why make it so serious from now? Why should we give up all the fun we desire?

The whole life is left for worrying. Maybe we should just stop worrying about the future and live in the present. And learn to fully live the time we are given. NOW. HERE.

No, we are not kids nor adults. We are happily in a relationship with teen age. So do not spoil your best part of life letting all those imposters engulf your happiness. Life was cool. Life is cool and life is what we decide it to be. If not for the worst but for the better we spread our wings and fly. Fly higher in the sky.


  1. This article is just a personal view based upon the general teenage confusions. Hope you like it. :)

  2. I can understand every feeling.

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    1. Glad to know, another fellow blogger loved something. Do support us! More to come! :)

  4. the age old question and as an ex-teenager I have some views. First of all, the elders themselves are as confused as the teenagers. The reason is simple, they forget that the timeframe has changed. Frankly, I find that today's teenagers are much different than during my time and I can understand why. I am glad that my parents didn't expect me to "behave my age" and I grew up just fine.

    1. Sir I am glad to know that you understand the difference between the modern day's teenager and the teenagers of the past. Our problems are different now...Hope our elders will clear their mind soon :)


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