Friday, 23 May 2014

Locking Film | Reality Check

Reality Check!

India has never seen a Locking Film, so Deepayan Purkait &; Ishan Ghosh decided to make one. 

It’s named, ‘Reality Check’. 

But, what is a Locking Film? 

The idea is a short film featuring locking, a funk dance style invented in the late 60’s. 

One day, exhausted, Deepayan enters his room, hit the bed and go into deep slumber. Next morning he wakes up to find himself in a completely different venue, barefoot and dressed like a locker. He spots a pair of
shoes, put them on and it all changes. He finds himself with magical powers. Not only he can now dance like a professional locker, but it seems he can do all sorts of stuff. It’s as if he has become a god in his own domain. 

Magical isn’t it? 

However, good things come to an end, so did this one, as he got woken up by his brother. 

But he finds himself with the same pair of shoes. 

Was that really a dream? 

The fancy venue, the getup, was it all a dream?

Check it out on Youtube, to know! 

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